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Our Programs

Project X Guard Programs

We teach Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to at risk youth ages 4-18 who

  • Have been bullied
  • Have behavioural issues
  • Have mental or physical disabilities
  • Are from low income families
  • Live in high crime neighbourhoods 

Who we support..

  • Youth that live at or below the poverty line;
  • Youth who have verifiable learning disabilities;
  • Youth who live in communities that have increasing incidences of crime;
  • Youth who reside in community housing;
  • Youth that suffer from behavioural issues at school;
  • Youth that are considered “young offenders”.
  • Youth who have suffered incidents of bullying.

In order to substantiate whether or not an individual is considered “at risk”, Project X Guard will review, as applicable and without limitation:

  •  Proof on income;
  • Medical reports or letters;
  • Rental agreements;
  • Letters from teachers or principals

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